Cardano Network Reaches 7.63 Million Tokens, 59.8 Million Transactions

• The latest edition of the IOG weekly development report revealed that Cardano’s native tokens reached 7.63 million, with a total of 59.8 million transactions.
• The Plutus team planned their work for the next five sprints, with the main goals being finalizing the debugger MVP and increasing script capacity.
• The Hydra team concentrated on the Hydra Head V1 specification, and the Mithril team completed the implementation of the backward/forward compatibility.

Cardano has been making strides in the blockchain space over the last week, with impressive development updates released by Input Output Global (IOG). In its latest weekly development report, IOG outlined the key achievements and updated statistics for the Cardano [ADA] network.

The report demonstrated that the native tokens of Cardano had reached an impressive 7.63 million, with the total number of transactions on the network surpassing 59.8 million. Additionally, the report highlighted that 113 projects have been launched on the Cardano blockchain.

The Plutus team at IOG has been hard at work planning their work for the next five sprints. The main goals of the Plutus core team are to finalize the debugger MVP, increase script capacity and add property testing with the Plutus intermediate representation generators. The Ledger team at IOG has also completed some preliminary groundwork in preparation for CIP-1694 (Voltaire). Furthermore, IOG announced the date of the SECP upgrade which is proposed tentatively for the 14th of February 2023. This upgrade will help to drive greater interoperability and secure, cross-chain dApp development.

The Hydra team at IOG has been concentrating on the Hydra Head V1 specification, which is currently being reviewed and completed. The team at Mithril has also completed the implementation of the backward/forward compatibility, which will help to improve the overall development of the Cardano blockchain.

Overall, the updates from the Cardano team have been encouraging and demonstrate the commitment from the team to continually improve the network. It will be interesting to see how the network progresses over the coming weeks and months.