Protocol 0x Prepares to Launch Its „Most Powerful Update“ Yet

V4 will be the most powerful version of the 0x protocol to date.

It will allow massive gas savings for the DEX aggregation.

The ZRX drops to $ 0.43 and is still down from its 2020 high

The decentralized exchange protocol 0x is gearing up for a major update to what it calls „the most powerful protocol version ever released,“ v4.

Much like DeFi, the team not only continued with the upgrade, but also put it through a governance vote. Between January 16 and January 23, ZRX token holders will be able to vote.

0x Labs has started experimenting with a new smart contract architecture for its public contracts that it aims to integrate into the new version. The improved design will facilitate Bitcoin Pro review aggregation, enabling the provision of the best liquidity on a number of exchanges.

0x V4 is here and it’s time to vote!

On 1/16 at 8:00 p.m. UTC, $ ZRX holders can go to to start voting to approve the upgrade.

In July 2020, the team launched their own DEX called Matcha, which enhanced then existing platforms and provided much needed liquidity aggregation.

Improvements in three main areas

The 0x v4 protocol will introduce major improvements in three separate areas, the blog added . The most important is the efficiency of the gas. Much has been focused on optimizing the gas consumption of smart contracts while achieving a clear improvement without sacrificing functionality;

Compared to v3, 0x V4 improves RFQ transaction costs by almost 70% (our simulations clocked 105k gas VS 320k on v3) and open backlog gas cost by 10%.

The post added that it was cheaper to trade on both Uniswap and SushiSwap using 0x v4, thanks to an optimized Uniswap router. Transaction gas prices are climbing again and the average is back to over $ 10, according to BitInfoCharts .

Wrapped Bitcoin will have presence in the Tron Blockchain

According to reports from the news portal CoinDesk, the Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) token will be expanded. This was corroborated by BitGo, which is a project developed within the Blockchain network of Ethereum.

This time, WBTC will be part of the Tron Blockchain network. This is the second ecosystem in which it will be possible to access this token. In parallel, BitGo has released the other Wrapped Ether (WETH) token in the aforementioned Tron network.

The news has prompted some important reactions. We’ve even heard that WBTC and WETH are now being coined as TRC-20 tokens. This information has been confirmed by checking it against the firm’s public order books.

Wrapped Bitcoin will now have a presence at Ethereum and Tron

The development of the Wrapped Bitcoin project, which will now have a presence in the Tron ecosystem, is based on the strength of the Bitcoin cryptomone. It should be remembered that this pioneering digital currency, of which WBTC is the equivalent, is in the middle of the most important bull run in its history.

CoinDesk notes that, „after some test coins executed by BitGo in mid-December, Alameda Research and Coinlist, have packaged and minted 100 BTCs as TRC-20 tokens.

At the same time, Alameda would have minted 1 WETH in Tron last Tuesday, explained the aforementioned media.

It should be noted that both Wrapped Bitcoin and Wrapped Ether were created to meet OTC demand. Also, they were born as ERC-20 tokens in the Ethereum network, but now they are expanding to the Tron ecosystem, which is trying to take advantage of the DeFi momentum.

The DeFi continue to accumulate locked value

Although Tron’s Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem is far from equal to that of the Ethereum, its potential is great. According to its developers, Tron’s Blockchain overcomes some of the limitations of Ethereum’s, among which is scalability.

In other words, the bottleneck in the Ethereum Golden Profit review network, which forces to pay high rates of GAS, is nonexistent in the Tron ecosystem. This fact has attracted the attention of investors, so projects like BitGo, have decided to get in tune with that nascent demand in this Blockchain.

Recently, it was known that the Total Blocked Value (TVL), in the DeFi, reaches $20 billion dollars.

The agreement between BitGo and Tron was already in the works

The partnership between BitGo and Tron, which guarantees that Wrapped Bitcoin will have a presence in that Blockchain, was signed in September 2020. On that date the project that houses WBTC and WETH, announced the presence of these in the Tron network as TRC-20 tokens.

According to Justin Sun, founder of Tron, the firm with BitGo, this is a „flourishing alliance“. According to Justin Sun, founder of Tron, the firm with BitGo, this is a „flourishing alliance“. Through this alliance, the owners of Bitcoin and Ethereum will be able to convert them into TRC-20 tokens. This way, they will have the option to use them in a variety of services provided by the Tron Blockchain network.

Among these services, there is the trade in decentralized exchanges, collateral loan markets, payment system, among others.

„We will continue to cultivate an ecosystem in which our users can access their favorite crypto currencies. But using innovative and highly liquid financial mechanisms. We hope to provide our users with the benefits of Bitcoin and Ethereum. All this, without the high GAS rates that are a reality today“, highlighted Sun, quoted in Medium.

Data to take into consideration

  • Wrapped Bitcoin, is linked to Bitcoin and has about $3 billion in custody value.
  • Now, with the partnership between BitGo and Tron, Wrapped Bitcoin will have a presence in the DeFi ecosystem of the latter.
  • The race for DeFi supremacy is largely dominated by Ethereum. However, Tron claims to have greater advantages, including lower commission rates.
  • Much of the crypto community has accused Justin Sun and his Tron Foundation of plagiarizing Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem.

It never took so much gold to buy bitcoin – this old-fashioned millionaire annoyed at BTC atomizing his toy

Bitcoin is worth more than its weight in gold – Safe havens are popular right now in the face of inflation risks hanging over fiat currencies more than ever. Although it is the “new kid” in the store of value category, Bitcoin Loophole is proving to be the most attractive of all today.

17.5 ounces of gold for a single bitcoin

The year 2020 will have been trying for all working people on the planet, with an anxiety-provoking news dominated by the health crisis (then the economic crisis) of the Coronavirus .

2 assets however fared well and experienced new all-time highs (ATH) in their valuation this year: gold and Bitcoin .

However, if gold was the quickest to rebound after the crisis – exceeding $ 2,000 an ounce (31.1 g) – as of last summer, it is indeed the king of cryptos who ended the year in a bullish fireworks display .

As reports , it has never taken so much gold to buy a bitcoin. Indeed, on the day of January 3, 2021, while an ounce of gold was trading at nearly $ 1,945 per ounce, the price of BTC reached a new ATH above $ 34,000. .

At this point in time, therefore, it took approximately 17.5 ounces of the precious metal to obtain a single copy of the digital asset.

Bitcoin’s „insolence“ towards gold which infuriates some

With his many admonitions to the king of cryptos, we hardly need to introduce Peter Schiff . This old-school millionaire and investor is as much a fan of gold as he is an opponent of Bitcoin .

In one of his last tweets, he could not help criticizing, once again, the invention of Satoshi Nakamoto:

“The only valid reason to buy bitcoin is to think that the bubble is going to get a lot bigger before it bursts. Most bitcoin buyers don’t even know it is a bubble and therefore will never sell. And for those who know, they will be unable to see when it [the bubble] will burst. It is therefore also unlikely that they will come out with any benefit. „

To try to understand our favorite gold metal fanatic, you have to listen to his main point. For him, gold is the only store of value because people who buy the precious metal now “will be able to sell it in the future” to buyers who “really need” to use gold as the metal.

Conversely, for the millionaire, Bitcoin would be just a game of pure speculation , where investors simply hope that they can resell their BTCs at a higher price to people who, in turn, hope for the same thing later.

In the end, this bickering does not take into account the most essential element. Indeed, whether one chooses Bitcoin or gold, the goal is above all to protect against the risk of collapse of fiat currencies by hyperinflation. To counter this, digital asset and precious metal seem like smart choices, but one horse might just be faster than the other.

Bitcoin: Vähittäiskauppa v. Valaskauppiaat ja kuka hyötyi eniten?

Bitcoinin kaksi viimeistä vuosineljännestä vuonna 2020 ovat olleet melko epävakaita. Pikemminkin näin on ollut suurimman osan vuodesta 2020. Itse asiassa jokaisella vuosineljänneksellä oli jotain tärkeää, kuten pandemian aiheuttama kaatuminen ensimmäisellä vuosineljänneksellä, V: n muotoinen elpyminen toisella vuosineljänneksellä, institutionaalinen osto kolmannella vuosineljänneksellä, jota seurasi nopea hintaräjähdys Q4: ssä.

Vaikka laitokset ovat hankkineet ja jatkavat raskaiden BTC-laukkujen hankkimista ennen härkäajoa, on selvää, että Bitcoin on valmiina toimimaan. Katsotaan kuitenkin, miten markkinoiden valaat, instituutiot, vähittäiskaupat ja ammattikauppiaat menestyivät viimeisten 4 kuukauden aikana.

Mukaan raportin , jonka OKEx selvä suuntaus oli viimeisten 4 kuukautta, sellainen, jossa vähittäiskaupan oli nouseva lyhyellä aikavälillä kuin institutionaalisten, joskin jälkimmäinen oli pitkän aikavälin nouseva.

Yhteenvetona voidaan todeta, että vähittäiskauppa osti FOMO: sta, kun taas valaat eivät. OKEx tiivisti sen toteamalla

„Vaikuttaa siltä, ​​että vähittäiskauppiaat ovat jahtaaneet Bitcoin Up hintarallia … kun taas ammattikauppiaat liittyivät myös ralliin myöhemmin, suuret kauppiaat (ja mahdollisesti valaat) näyttävät saavan voittoa. kohti myyntiä. “

Tätä tarkoitusta varten OKExin raportissa luokiteltiin kauppiaat 0–0,5 BTC: n vähittäiskaupaksi, 0,5–2 BTC: n ammattikauppiaiksi, 2–5 ja 5–10 BTC-kauppiaan valaiksi ja yli 10 BTC-haltijan institutionaaliseksi. On kuitenkin huomattava, että 2-5 BTC: n ja 10 + BTC: n haltijaa sisältävät päällekkäisiä valaita ja laitoksia.


Voidaan nähdä, että vähittäiskauppiaat ostivat BTC: n jahtaamalla hintaa syyskuusta marraskuuhun, kun taas ammattikauppiaat seurasivat samanlaista suuntausta. Valaat myivät omistuksensa eli otti voittoja.

Laitokset, jotka pitävät BTC: tä pitkällä aikavälillä, näyttivät neutraaleilta syyskuussa, mutta ottivat voittoja, kun Bitcoin saavutti ATH: n marraskuun loppua kohti.

Samanlainen suuntaus näkyy marraskuun viimeisellä viikolla, jolloin vähittäiskauppa osti BTC: n, kun taas valaat ja laitokset ottivat voittoja.

Kaiken tämän yhteenvetona on selvää, että vähittäiskaupan on oltava osuma, koska Bitcoin on nyt selvästi muutama viikko sitten. Laitokset ja valaat ostavat kuitenkin lisää Bitcoineja, kun kryptovaluutan hinta laskee edelleen.

DeFi trader earns over $20 million thanks to 1INCH Christmas airdrop

The DeFi user currently controls about 11% of the 1INCH token supply after the exchange token distribution event.

On Christmas Day, the decentralised exchange aggregator, 1inch, launched its governance and utility token. As part of the launch, the platform released 90 million 1INCH tokens to users who had previously traded on the exchange.

DeFi 1inch platform launches governance and utility token
According to data from the chain analysis provider, Dune, the largest recipient of the free token distribution received 9,749,686,003 tokens worth about $27.5 million at the maximum price of $2.8 per token.

An analysis of management with the highest initial demand shows significant yield farming activity with a large number of loan and loan guarantee supply transactions. Management has also been active on automated market maker (AMM) platforms such as Uniswap and SushiSwap.

The DeFi 1inch protocol closes a $12 million financing round led by Pantera Capital
In total, more than 55,200 addresses are eligible to claim the free 1INCH tokens with more than half of the coins already claimed according to Dune. The average sum of tokens in these addresses was approximately 1,629 tokens with insured qualified addresses of at least 600 tokens.

To qualify for airdrop, the trader must have completed a transaction on the platform before September 15th. Users who have executed a total of four trades or transactions valued at at least $20 before December 24 are also eligible to claim the free tokens.

Traditional crypto custodians increase security to meet institutional demand
1INCH rose by 16% in just 24 hours with a trading price that reached $2.9, but has since dropped to around $2. The airdrop event comes on the heels of the project that successfully raised $12 million in a Pantera Capital backed financing round in early December.

Russia follows suit: Sberbank announces stablecoin

The Russian state bank Sberbank plans to launch its own crypto platform for the acquisition of digital assets from next year. In addition, the financial institution would like to issue its own crypto currency, the „Sbercoin“.

The Russian news agency RBC reported on Monday on the plans of Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, referring to CEO Herman Gref.

He said the company is responding to the upcoming Russian law regulating the Bitcoin Bank with this move . They want to offer services related to the acquisition of digital assets with their own blockchain platform.

„Sbercoin“ should come in early 2021

In addition, the financial institution announced its own stablecoin, the „Sbercoin“, which will also be launched in 2021. This step comes as no surprise. The bank had been toying with the issue of a stablecoin for a long time.

With the establishment of the „Sbercoin“, Sberbank enables the quick exchange of a crypto asset, for example Bitcoin, for traditional fiat currencies such as US dollars, euros or rubles.

Interest in cryptocurrencies is growing in Russia

In late July, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law regulating transactions in digital assets. This legalizes the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. The currency remains denied the status of legalized means of payment.

Nevertheless, interest in cryptocurrencies is growing, as Russia’s Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin told RBC. However, he emphasized: „It is important that owners of digital assets can protect their rights and interests and that shadow business is made more difficult.“

Big Mac per impilare i Sats: cattive notizie di Crypto della settimana

Bitcoin continua la sua corsa al rialzo. La moneta è aumentata di oltre il 12 percento nell’ultima settimana e ora solletica $ 16.000. Secondo il Big Mac Index , un Bitcoin ora acquisterà fino a 6,3421,26 degli hamburger giganti. Ha persino superato la base monetaria del rublo russo e sta per battere il Canada. Ciò accadrà quando Bitcoin vale $ 18.000. È quasi arrivato. La moneta ha già una capitalizzazione di mercato maggiore di quella di Bank of America, Netflix e Shopify. Se continua a crescere, sarà presto tra le prime 20 risorse per capitalizzazione di mercato, insieme a Facebook, Tesla e Apple. Non c’è da meravigliarsi che gli economisti della Federal Reserve statunitense stiano esaminando più attentamente il valore dei CBDC.

Pensano che una valuta digitale della banca centrale potrebbe essere un modo utile per fornire denaro direttamente alle famiglie

Non tutti sono così ottimisti. Eric Wall, chief investment officer del crypto hedge fund Arcane Asset, sta scommettendo un milione di dollari che il modello stock-to-flow di Bitcoin sarà rotto entro il 2025. Con „rotto“ significa che Bitcoin non avrà raggiunto il 50 percento del suo obiettivo gamma. In un tweet che espone la sfida, ha taggato PlanB, il creatore del modello. PlanB aveva previsto un prezzo per Bitcoin di $ 100.000- $ 288.000 entro dicembre 2021. David Schwartz, CTO di Ripple, non accetterà quella scommessa. Dice di aver già perso circa $ 300.000 scambiando token che si sono rivelati „completamente privi di valore“.

Anche il pubblico non è del tutto convinto

Douglas Tuman, un appassionato di criptovalute e podcaster Monero, ha perso la sua offerta per il 4 ° distretto di New York . Correva come repubblicano su una piattaforma pro-crittografia. Joe Biden, tuttavia, ha scelto Gary Gensler come consulente , contribuendo a garantire una transizione fluida con la Federal Reserve e le autorità bancarie e di regolamentazione dei titoli. Gensler era in precedenza il presidente della Commodity Futures Trading Commission e ha parlato dell’importanza della regolamentazione per aiutare le criptovalute a crescere.

I regolamenti sono già arrivati ​​a un utente Bitcoin. Volodymyr Kvashuk, un ingegnere Microsoft, è stato condannato a nove anni di carcere per aver rubato 10 milioni di dollari di valuta digitale. Ha anche detto all’IRS che i $ 2,8 milioni di criptovaluta passati attraverso il suo account erano un regalo di un parente. Ciò ha reso questo crimine la prima criptovaluta con un elemento fiscale .

Bitcoin hace otro alto golpe golpeando 14.300 dólares, ¿a dónde vamos ahora?

Parece que no hay nada que detenga a Bitcoin en este momento, ya que el principal activo digital del mundo alcanza otro pico para el año y su precio más alto desde enero de 2018.

Bitcoin se encuentra actualmente operando a su precio más alto en casi tres años, ya que alcanzó los 14.320 dólares durante la sesión comercial asiática de esta mañana. El movimiento está construyendo la quinta vela verde semanal consecutiva, ya que el activo continúa marchando constantemente al alza superando los máximos anteriores.

Bitcoin supera los 14.300 dólares

Continúa alcanzando mayores niveles en 2020

– Messari (@MessariCrypto) 5 de noviembre de 2020

Alrededor del 3% se ha añadido al precio del BTC en las últimas 24 horas y ahora está a menos del 40% de su máximo histórico de 20.000 dólares. Esta es la tercera vez que Bitcoin ha superado los 14.000 dólares y parece que se mantiene e incluso llega al siguiente hito de 15.000 dólares.

Dominio de Bitcoin en el máximo de los 6 meses

Bitcoin ha estado comiendo la cuota de mercado de sus hermanos ya que su dominio supera el 65% por primera vez desde finales de mayo de este año, según Los analistas han notado que podría estar golpeando la resistencia, sin embargo.

La dominación de $BTC finalmente golpeó alguna resistencia. Esto debería dar a todos la oportunidad de un rebote.

– IncomeSharks (@IncomeSharks) 5 de noviembre de 2020

Los analistas empiezan a cuestionar si las elecciones tienen alguna influencia en los precios, ya que hubo bombas masivas en los años posteriores a las elecciones de los Estados Unidos.

Olvida la reducción a la mitad, ¿la elección presidencial tiene precio? $BTC

– Zack Voell (@zackvoell) 4 de noviembre de 2020

Hablando con Squawk Box de la CNBC, el multimillonario Mike Novogratz, ex gerente de fondos de cobertura, declaró que los activos digitales han sido fuertes últimamente, con manifestaciones que desafían gran parte de la incertidumbre electoral.

„Cryptocurrency“ fue ofertado toda la noche… estamos en un mercado alcista en #bitcoin. La Fed va a seguir imprimiendo. Menos fiscal, más Fed, bueno para la criptografía. Hemos cruzado el Rubicón en su adopción.“

Los analistas sugieren ahora que los resultados electorales favorables (en la esquina azul) podrían provocar otro repunte que podría llevar al activo hasta los picos anteriores.
En otras partes de los mercados criptográficos

Los precios del etéreo suelen subir cuando el hermano mayor se mueve, pero han tenido un impulso adicional por el largamente esperado despliegue del contrato de depósito que ha anunciado una nueva era de apuestas.

El ETH ha subido un 5% en el día para alcanzar un máximo de 405 dólares donde permanece en el momento de escribir este artículo. No se ha materializado ningún otro impulso, así que el activo puede retroceder ligeramente. El próximo gran paso para el ETH será cuando Beacon Chain se lance alrededor del 1 de diciembre.

La mayoría de las monedas han tenido ganancias menores en las últimas 24 horas, pero en general siguen bajando en la semana mientras el hermano mayor devora sus límites de mercado.

Facebook with its Libra cryptocurrency will develop a closed system like WeChat

Watch Richard Strul’s prediction about the future of Facebook and Libra in video. According to him Facebook will try to set up a system similar to WeChat in which Libra will have a leading role. The reflections presented in this prediction series also touch on other ideas of the macroeconomic order. We invite you to discuss each prediction made by sharing your opinion with us.

What is WeChat?

It is a Chinese social network with over a billion users. We can no longer really call it a social network but rather a set of applications that can do almost everything:

At present it is necessary to link a bank account or credit card to your WeChat account. The digital yuan should most definitely be implemented in this ecosystem. Even if WeChat is currently confined to Asia, it could be trying to establish itself in the West in order to overshadow the euro and the dollar.

Richard Strul indicates that the digital environment over the last 5 years has been defined by companies like Google, Apple, Facebook … in order to be able to trace their users as well as possible. The fact that we are identified (logged in) and many to use these „services“ makes it possible to follow our movements and the number of „customers“ to make reliable statistics. Facebook is a social network, of exchanges, it will therefore be easier to make a network of transactions. Also according to Richard Strul, Facebook and the United States would be well advised to set up this in order to counter WeChat and to maintain the „supremacy“ of the dollar on the yuan.

Like Richard Strul, do you think Facebook, with its 2.5 billion users, will try to replicate the WeChat model?

Association created in 2011, the Institute of the Economy is an independent think tank which analyzes the stakes, the balance of power as well as the risks and the opportunities to draw a possible future. Its members often have opposing sensibilities, which in fact requires them to refer to the rigor of foresight, hence the formation of predictions.

The Institute of the Economy is composed in particular of entrepreneurs, economists, managers, statisticians, researchers and sociologists.

The speakers of this webinar are therefore not from the “crypto-sphere” and do not necessarily share the ideals of cypherpunks or the majority of people who own crypto-assets. However, it is still interesting to see how the future of the cryptocurrency industry is viewed.

You are invited to vote in order to give your opinion on each prediction, but also to debate, comment and make known your opinion on this subject. Click here to view other predictions from members of the Institute of the Economy.

Bahia’s Public Ministry sues Genbit for consumer injury

Prosecutor Joseane Suzart said Gensa, Zurich and New Tiger are suspected of cryptomime fraud

The Public Ministry of Bahia has filed a lawsuit against the companies of the Genbit group for not informing the consumer about the risks of their suspicious business with cryptomoeda and acting irregularly in the market damaging clients.

Suzart, then, asked the Justice that the companies be prevented from offering to the public Collective Investment Contracts (CICs) on arbitrage operations with Bitcoin Machine app or any other cryptomoedas, regardless if these operations occur with robot or not.

According to a note issued by the agency on its website, the companies New Tiger Merchant Bank Ltda, Gensa Serviços Digitais S/A and Zurich Capital Investimentos e Partição Eireli may have their activities suspended, while the process is ongoing. If the companies are convicted, they will have to return the money and compensate the victims even for the moral damages suffered.

The request was from prosecutor Joseane Suzart, who mentioned the prohibition of the Securities Commission (CVM) on the activities of Genbit in the market. She mentioned the risk of these companies being acting in a fraudulent business with the promise of easy gains through the so-called Multinable Marketing, which cannot endure.

Entrepreneur tries to recover R$ 100 thousand of false company of bitcoin indicated by pastor
Famous publisher of financial pyramids returns to prison in SC
Datena shows R$ 17 million mansion accused of financial pyramid

Genbit suspects fraud

It also required the interruption of any financial movements with money invested by consumers. The promoter in the same action argued that these companies should also be forbidden to propagate lies that they are solid and have authorization from competent public agencies to act in the market.

This kind of conduct that has been committed by the companies associated to the brand Genbit, in the view of the prosecutor of the state of Bahia, is clear disrespect to the Code of Consumer Protection and may lead to the criminal offense entitled misleading offer.

The prosecutor mentioned in her petition the Public Civil Action filed by the MP of São Paulo in which several irregularities committed by Gensa, Zurich and New Tiger companies were addressed.

She mentioned that Gensa, since when it was known as Zero10 Club, together with the other two companies had been offering investment plans without ballast, framed as securities.

The business, according to the note, promised various forms of financial gain through an „exclusive business plan“ and could not say that consumers knew the risk of this suspicious business, because as the attorney pointed out, these companies did everything to deceive their customers with false promises of solidity and regularity in the market.